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small clay mug Your Clay Projects: Ever wonder what happened to that ash tray you made in fourth grade? I know, you thought your parents would cherish it forever. But something happened and your project ended up at the Goodwill.

That's where I found it. Your ash tray, some other kid's little finger-pinched monster, some other kid's hideously malformed wall pocket. And you know what? I love them. I love to think about the kids who made them, how long their parents kept them, and what might have happened that the thing turned up in my shopping basket.

More than anything, though, I just love giving a new home to this unique kind of folk art. So if you have a clay project in your life that you don't want to keep but can't bear to throw away, please send me an email. I can't offer payment, but I'll give your project a spot in my display case and I'll include it on this website.

If you want to share a photo of your project, again just send me an email with the photo attached and some info about your project. I'll create a new gallery just for visitors' projects.

UPDATE 2008: In June, 2008, our home was destroyed in the flooding of the Des Moines River. Some of the more delicate pieces in this collection did not survive because they were kept in a wooden hutch-style cabinet that collapsed after floating around the living room for a few days. I was actually quite surprised by how much did survive. Most notably, the cone-shaped wall pocket crumbled irreparably and the lid on the spatter-painted blue lidded box broke into about six pieces (we repaired it with noticeably horrible results, but it is still with me). The precariously-balanced goblet, miraculously, survived intact.

UPDATE 2010: I added a few more pieces to the collection - the small pinchpot on Gallery page 3, lower right, and the blue wall pocket and friendly Salamander on Gallery Page 4.

Now go see the collection!