Alive and kicking!

Holy buckets, has it really been more than a YEAR since I posted here? Sadly, yes indeed. And a year of major ups and downs, let me tell you. First, the biggie: I am now divorced. While I am keeping the details private, it is just too big of a life event – and its effects too far-reaching – not to acknowledge that it has occurred. There have been many consequences, but the worst part, for me, is the effect it has had on my daughter, who is just starting her final year of college, and my relationship with her. In no way do I intend for this passing mention to make light of all that has happened, but I find that I simply cannot – and have decided that I should not – write about it. I am simply looking forward as best I can.

Second, I’ve moved… twice… and now reside in a cute little rental house in the historic district of a neighboring suburb. “A dollhouse,” the landlord calls it. Although it is very plain on the outside, it really is quite sweet on the inside, and I am making it even sweeter through judicious use of my many favorite objects and furniture pieces. It is like the whole-house version of my “mom-cave” from the other house.

Third, there is a new man in my life, with whom I share the house. His name is Greg – he is sweet, smart, handsome and kind, with two grown kids and (currently) seven grandkids. In addition to enjoying guy stuff like NASCAR and fishing, he also likes thrift store shopping and curb picking. I’ll be showing you a few of his most excellent finds in future posts, but for now suffice to say we’ve had a bit of fun collecting items and planning some make-over projects. He doesn’t even seem to mind my dishes!

More soon… so much thrifty goodness to share!


Super Bowl Recap

Okay so… did you watch the Super Bowl? We’re not huge athletic supporters in our house, but we did have the game on… certainly the Ravens’ 109-yard kick-off return at the start of the second half was exciting to watch, but moments later when the stadium lights went out, I swear this is all I could think of:


Who… or WHAT-ever was behind the power outage, it definitely affected the Ravens’ mojo!  And that, folks is the extent of my expert football commentary. 
Oh! And for the record, here are my picks for best commercials: 
In third place, “Viva Young” by Taco Bell:

Second Place, “Man vs. Cheetah” by Skechers: 

And my favorite,”Prom” by Audi America:


Of course, you can’t have a Superbowl without a Budweiser Clydesdale commercial, and this year’s spot was so sweet:

More soon,

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