A new blog!

This weekend I officially debuted a blog that’s been in the making for more than ten years. You might have seen posts here on Painted Piglet referencing a few of the kids’ clay projects that I have acquired over time in the thrift stores. These pieces had been displayed on a website (not a blog) for a really long time, but it was tiresome and time consuming to update the site manually in HTML each time a piece was added to the collection.

So recently, I took the site down for some “re-tooling” and this weekend launched it as a blog at the same URL where it’s been hiding all those years:

Blog Launch:

Your Clay Project is a blog devoted to showcasing found, collected, and treasured kids’ clay projects! I will be featuring the pieces in my own collection, as well as encouraging reader submissions and of course, comments!

So – please-oh-pretty-please take a moment to visit the blog, subscribe to the feed for new-post updates, and “Like” the Facebook page!

And, by all means –┬áif you have a kids’ clay project in your possession, please send me an email with photos and a bit of the backstory to the YourClayProject website at:

I’m sharing my new-blog announcement at Jill’s A Round Tuit Party at Creating My Way to Success!