piggie2 Okay, I admit it – I’m a junker… a thrifter… a curb picker… an antique-hunter and appreciator. Give me used vintage junk any day over brand new home furnishings and objects. I’m also somewhat crafty – though by no stretch an artiste – and so I love re-purposing some of the treasures I find.

This blog is simply a place to show off (er, I mean showcase) some of my favorite finds and projects, and celebrate the pieces of home and home life that bring me joy.

I’m a fifty-something mom, motorcycle rider/blogger/author, and lover of all (well most) things vintage. I try not to collect everything… but my favorite categories in any hunt include dishes, amateur paintings and garden junk. I would describe my home decorating style as “romantic cottage junk.”

By the way, the “painted piglet” referred to in the blog name is one of my favorite junky finds: a ceramic piggy bank found one day at an automotive swap meet. I’ve had her for about 25 years.

I’m glad you’re here! Please feel free to leave a comment on any post. I love questions and am happy to answer any that you may have!

More soon,


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