Fabulous Ebay finds

I am usually a very careful Ebay shopper. I say “usually” because occasionally, I do get caught up in a bidding war or end up hitting the wrong button and committing myself to buy something  before I’ve had a chance to thoroughly investigate.

But usually, I’m super-cautious and surprisingly patient – and end up getting some great deals.  Lately, I’ve been lucky enough to find and win some lovely bargains in the world of dishes. Here are some recent acquisitions:

First up, a second look at my bee-YOO-tiful Limoges plate which now looks stunning – STUNNING, I tell you! – on the wall of my mom-cave, right under the colorized photo of my mother as a child (whose cheesy grin looks a lot like my own!).



Four purported dinner plates in Homer Laughlin Nautilus Countess… I say “purported” because the dinner plates in Georgian Countess (of which I have seven) are just a bit larger than Nautilus. (Nautilus and Georgian have slightly different borders around the edge of the pieces.) These are larger than a salad plate, but smaller than dinner plates in most other patterns. But no less lovely. Which is good, because this is that “push the wrong button/not thoroughly investigated” thing I mentioned earlier. LOL

I also have to note that it was SUCH fun to receive the box of Nautilus from this particular seller. Everything was not only lovingly and carefully packed, it was a delight to open such a pretty box! See what I mean:




Next up, four salad plates, brand-new-in-the-box, of Rosemead by Mikasa. Positively lustrous, and came with the original beautiful box!




Finally, not one – but TWO pieces of Dresden Schumann Empress, which by the backstamps appear to be from around 1900-1920. These babies can be sooo expensive – I was really lucky to find a deal. I purchased a dinner plate and a bread plate. I might get one more of each, someday. For now it appears I’ve missed the boat, because the seller who had these for such a good price has now sold the remaining thirteen that he had! They are absolutely gorgeous.




I hope you are having similar luck wherever it is you are scoring your latest thrifty finds!

More soon,





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