The long and winding road

This was a sad week as we had to say good-bye to my cousin-in-law Martin – a fun and friendly family man who played bass guitar in a number of area bands over the years, and was inducted into the Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame in 2003. He passed away on Monday the 17th, about six days shy of his 60th birthday.

My favorite story about Mart illustrates his goofy sense of humor. The first time I met him, I hadn’t been married to Steve very long. We were at an anniversary party for Steve’s parents. Steve introduced me to his cousin Mart, and before long we got to joking that yes, I was in fact Steve’s fourth wife. It was several months before I met Mart again, but when I did he said, “I can’t remember your name but I know you’re good ol’ Number Four.” So forever after, long after he had memorized my name, Mart called me Number Four.

Needless to say, it has been a low-key week of reflection, as these types of things tend to remind us of how tenuous life really is. And how important it is to try your hardest to live a life you love.

We attended Mart’s funeral on Saturday; it was truly a heart-breaker – a lovely man gone much too soon, who will be missed by his family, many friends, and devoted fans. And by Good Old Number Four.

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