A Valentine table vignette

Last year I did a sweet little vignette for Valentine’s Day on “Grandma’s Table,” an antique piece I’m so pleased to have inherited from my Grandmother Verdie. This year, I decided to try something a little different by making a love-themed display on the low coffee table instead. (I know – daring, right?)

It’s funny how the pictures don’t show you exactly what I see when I look at this. The objects are there, of course, but somehow I am able in my mind’s eye to blot out the background – the television, the electronics cords, the TV trays… I see that they are almost overwhelmingly distracting in my photos, but to me – well I hardly notice them when I am enjoying this little collection.

Anyway, here’s the table with some fun little bits and pieces on display:



The table is a contemporary style, a dark-wood base with an oval glass top. I started by simply arranging a leftover sheer curtain panel.



And added some love-themed items like my large silverplated bowl filled with pinecones and adorned with a layered rose-and-ribbon accent.





A sweet framed photo of hubby and myself, from a very long time ago ;) …


And this thrift-store-found Valentine-themed tic-tac-toe board:

A little later, I snapped a couple photos of the whole display in candlelight – I love the floating candle with red and pink filler…





It all looks lovely… if you can see past the TV trays and the television set! LOL

I’m linking my little table to the “What’s It Wednesday” party at Patti & Paula’s lovely blog,  Ivy and Elephants.

More soon,



5 thoughts on “A Valentine table vignette

  1. I think it looks lovely Janet! Your home is like mine….real. Those homes that always look perfect in photos are nice but you have to wonder where is all their stuff? I love the use of pine cones as a filler….great idea! Have a sweet Valentine’s Day with your hubby!
    Blessings, Vicky

  2. Thank you so much, Vicky! It’s funny about the pinecones… I was sure we had an old bag of them leftover in the utility closet from some past Christmas. So I went to the closet and we had maybe SIX bags of them!! LOL I had no idea we were storing so many of them! :)

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