Valentine Tree

This year in the after-Christmas-buy-it-cheap-for-next-year rush, I purchased a four-foot white artificial tree. I’ll be using it in December in the Mom-cave for my “vintage” tree.

Now maybe it’s because the “Christmas season” was a little short this year, but for some reason by January I wasn’t really ready to put away ALL the holiday decorations. I WAS ready for the house to have that uncluttered “New Year” feel to it. So I kept out some red, pink, white and gold vintage ornaments, and put up a Valentine’s Day tree, using just the top section from the white tree.

I’m not sure how many people do this, but I really like it!



In fact, I think pink and gold might be my new favorite color combination!






I also included these beautiful heart-shaped ornaments. I have a few in each of deep red, and gold.




And more hearts, made of spun glass. These would be easier to see (and more dramatic) if I had put lights on the tree. I might still do that.




The colors in the picture may not be quite right… the two smaller bulbs are a rose-red color.




The only ornaments that aren’t pink, red, gold, or crystal are these satin-finish balls with pretty violets. I just think they are so romancey!




The tree sat for a couple weeks without any kind of topper, and I finally made this out of some Dollar Store decoration kits. Too much? LOL I’m not sure it fits… it might be a little too “blingy”.


My little tabletop Valentine tree needs a skirt… and, maybe a less obnoxious topper. LOL



I’m sharing my sweet little tree over at Show and Tell Friday on Cindy’s blog, My Romantic Home. Be sure to pay her a visit!

More soon,


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