Thrifty fabric finds

My recent thrifting trips have been most successful in the “linens” department – I’ve found some wonderful bargains there of late! I don’t necessarily buy a fabric item for its intended purpose. Tablecloths, curtains, and sheets, especially, are great sources of fabric because they typically come in such large pieces. I don’t pay particular attention to what the item is – I simply look at the color, pattern, and condition. Here are some recent finds that most likely will find their way into some other project:

This beautiful hunk measures about 5 x 7 feet in size. It’s a heavy drapery, and it’s lined with a similar amount of good heavy cotton. Its companion piece is a valance some 18 feet long. The valance is cut in an arch shape, but it’s trimmed in 18 feet of sweet tassle fringe. I picked these up for just $2.50 per piece.




Here are two pretty pieces from Two’s Company, just 25 cents each. I think these are either placemats, or napkins, although they are slightly off in size for either of those purposes. In any case, they may end up as something entirely different. I sure like the patterns and colors.



Found this rectangular tablecloth (about 50 x 70) in blue check with a fine light green stripe for just $1.50.



And finally, this pretty piece is a full-size flat sheet; it’s almost sheer when looking at a single layer, and the color is much paler than the picture is portraying. I love the white piping detail – very sweet and just $1.50.



Where else but a thrift store can one buy so much fabric for so little money! I hope you are likewise finding some wonderful treasures!

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2 thoughts on “Thrifty fabric finds

  1. I love looking through the “linen department” when thrifting! Like you, I also only look at color, print and condition. And, of course, a useful trim is always a wonderful find! I’ve made my kitchen curtains out of tableclothes and valances out of placemats, complete with pom pom trim. If I lived where you do, you might have had to fight me for those first curtains! ;)

  2. LOL Tammy, I can see that little “war of words” playing out as we try to best each other with declarations of what we’re going to do with the fabric! And failing that, I suppose we could just go halvesies on it! LOL

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