Quiet on the homefront again

Are you enjoying the post-Christmas “return to normal” at your house? I am – my poor office had became a bit over-whelmed and unusable because it’s the room where I stashed a lot of the accumulated clutter so that Christmas decorations could be showcased. I haven’t been able to use the room for its true purposes… officing or crafting… since right after Thanksgiving.

But last weekend I finished putting away the decorations, so this weekend it was finally time to reclaim the Mom-cave! I did take the opportunity to purge and organize some of that clutter, but mostly I was just trying to get this space back to its normal “pretty and calm.”

I didn’t take any “before” pictures, but you can safely assume that except for a path to the closet door, every flat surface in here was stacked with stuff that didn’t belong. By Saturday night, however, the work area looked refreshed and restored – and you could once again see the floor!



And the sitting area looked warm and cozy once again.



Sunday morning I was fussing with some of the items on my desk, and was captivated by how sweet it has begun to look with all the pretty containers, most of which are hand-me-downs or thrift-store finds.





The bunny watercolor is an image I found on Pinterest – I simply printed it out onto nice heavy photo paper, and slipped it into a dollar-store frame.



The tin on the left is part of a nested set of 3, acquired from Walgreens at an end-of-season clearance last year. I used free graphics from The Graphics Fairy (and a bit of lace trim from my stash) to adorn the Mason jars. The lamp base, shade, and urn are all thrift-store treasures. The doily peeking out under the urn was made by my great-grandmother.



Thrifted pitcher and vase… jewelry on-hand, and another of Great Grandma’s crocheted doilies.



This is probably the most expensive item on the table – I purchased this large bunch of big rose blooms from Hobby Lobby a couple years ago. They weren’t on sale and I think were $7.99, but I had my trusty 40%-off coupon so they cost me around $4.



I painted & embellished this thrift-store clock a couple years ago too – it works great!



And this little Norcrest “French Bouquet” thrifted dish is a new-to-me favorite.



The part you can’t see here are the items under the desk – I purchased a couple additional storage tubs and re-organized my craft supplies into categories. I had been shoving everything into three containers and it was a complete (and frustrating) mess. Now I have tubs labeled for categories like fabric/trim/ribbon, beads & bling, paint & glue, etc. It’s so much easier to pull something out if I don’t have to dig through three large containers, and it’s a lot easier to put a new item away according to its classification.




I enjoyed my weekend playing with my toys – and I did a little bargain-hunting too. More about that soon! How about you – how is your January going?




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