My Christmas Village – I know you were worried

Remember last year when I wrote about acquiring pieces of the Precious Moments “Sugar Town” Christmas Village – almost against my own will? It started by getting into a huff about being out-bid on Ebay, and escalated from there. I ended up with 12 total pieces, and finally stopped after finding a great bargain on the lighted chapel figure. Here’s the little scene I created this past Christmas with the pieces I had collected:










Yes, I ended up liking these pieces more than I thought I would… they made a sweet addition to Grandma’s Table for Christmas.




I’m happily rejoining one of my favorite link-up parties, Vintage Thingie Thursday hosted by ColoradoLady – these pieces are, unbelievably, 20 years old already (though they are new to me)!

Hope you have had a lovely week!

More soon,


4 thoughts on “My Christmas Village – I know you were worried

  1. I remember the story of you getting outbid! I love the sweet little church with the cross in the door and the car with the tree in top! So adorable…:) Thanks for sharing…Vick y

  2. Thanks, ladies :) I did enjoy them a lot! I still have never purchased the music box piece that I originally saw at the flea market! LOL

  3. These are adorable! I have to agree, it is hard to believe how old some of the most prized possessions are when we remember when they were brand new!! Hope you are able to add to your collection for a good price….keep an open eye! Happy VTT!

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