An after-Christmas treat

I recently decided to purchase a new sewing machine. Now make no mistake, I love the vintage machine I’ve been using that belonged to my grandmother – a Singer Featherweight 221  – but that machine was a gift from my dad to my daughter, and she intends to take it with her when she gets her apartment this Fall… so, while I had the funds, I decided to buy a simple machine for myself. Here it is, appropriately called the Singer Simple:



Not much in the way of bells and whistles (okay by me – I would never use them) but it does have some built-in stitches which makes doing a zig-zag pretty effortless. It also came with an automatic buttonholer.

One of the things it did not come with was a decent cover. The cover that was included was made out of that weird “fibrous” material that recyclable grocery bags are made of, only about 80 percent thinner. And gray. Super-ugly.

So for my first project on the new machine, I decided to make a sweet little cozy-cover, and here’s the result:



This is the same fabric I used to re-do my address book a couple years ago, plus a couple other interesting bits: the side panels are actually the front panels of a thrifted ladies’ blazer in a deep coral-colored damask material.



The jacket did not fit me, but the details were so cute and I love re-purposing old clothing in unexpected ways so I simply cut it apart, leaving the faux pocket intact.



It really is too bad that’s not a real pocket – I think it would be pretty handy!

And, the bottom trim is more of the deconstructed pillow sham I used for my office chair makeover. (Please ignore the little pink blob of wadded-up thread – it’s not part of the project – LOL – but I didn’t notice it when I took the picture!)



I do like the new machine… but it doesn’t make that neat old “shuggity-shuggity-shuggity” sound that the vintage one makes. I kinda miss that!

More soon,


3 thoughts on “An after-Christmas treat

  1. That is a treat Janet! I’m with you and prefer a mole machine. Maybe some day I’ll have time yo buy one of the fancy ones and learn how to use it but until then I’ll stick with a simple model. I love the cover you made. I have been meaning to whip one up for my machine now that it has its own space but haven’t gotten to it yet. Soon! Enjoy sewing on your new machine…..Vicky

  2. LOL Vicky – actually we could use some sort of “mole machine” too… they really did a number on our yard last year! ;) I did consider buying a fancier machine, but I quickly talked myself out of it. I don’t sew often enough, or projects that are complicated enough, to justify it. I’m pretty happy with this one so far – it’s just right for my skill level! :D

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