Internet magic in the garden

One of the reasons I love the Internet is that it’s like a big encyclopedia, only easier to search! A few weeks ago, when I began assembling my hosta garden, I discovered a little patch of “something” that I couldn’t identify. (Actually I have several of those, but this one now moves to the “identified” column!) It had long, narrow dark green leaves and looked like a small clump of very lush grass or possibly wild garlic. I decided to dig it up, and quickly determined it was NOT grass because the cluster was comprised of many very small bulbs. The bulbs and foliage did not have the distinct odor of wild garlic, so I became convinced it was a flower, and decided to plant it loosely in one of my patio pots for safekeeping until I could look it up. I’ve mostly ignored it for two weeks… until yesterday, when I happened to notice that it was blooming! Here it is:



Still having no idea what it was, I searched “white flower star shape” in Google Images. The very first photo in the search results looked exactly like my little clump, and it was linked to a “please help me ID this plant” thread in the Gardenweb forums online. Thanks to this, and a link to a very informative PDF file from Utah State University Extension (which described my plant right down to the comparison to wild garlic), I was able to identify the plant as “Star of Bethlehem.” This prolific plant is a member of the lily family that is actually considered somewhat invasive (and potentially toxic).

Faults aside, I intend to find a spot for it. It has come up every year since we’ve lived here, but has never bloomed until being tossed rather carelessly into the patio pot so it has never been a problem!

Hope you are having a wonderful Spring season – it was hot and humid here this weekend, with tornadoes on Sunday afternoon across central Iowa! A few of them touched down west and north of us – glad they missed us here in Des Moines!

More soon!



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  1. Vicky! Yes the Internet’s amazing for SO many reasons… at least, it is when you “check in” once in awhile! LOL I do apologize for taking so long to see your comment here – I have always appreciated each and every one of your comments on my posts and I’m sorry I didn’t answer this one in a timely manner. As you probably guessed, I’ve been riding my motorcycle all summer (and blogging about that!) but with Fall arriving I’ll be back here soon – I do have some fun vintage treasures to share and look forward to catching up with you soon! I think I will go pay a visit to your blog and do just that! :)

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