Thrifty Spring finds

silks The colorful burst at left is simply the large bunch of silk flowers I bought today from Dollar Tree, which I’ll use to make my Memorial Day remembrances in a few short weeks!

Hi, friends! How funny that it was really feeling like FOREVER since I posted here… so I finally checked back in and it’s only been a week! Well, two weeks, really, since I have posted anything thrifty or vintage!

Anyway, Spring has been a long time coming around here! I got to take ONE motorcycle ride and then the weather got cold and rainy (and a little snow-spitty) again, so honestly I have no excuses for my absence except maybe just needed a little break.

You might remember that a few posts ago I lamented my discovery that Webshots had disappeared from the Internet, taking with it all the photos of my beloved patio from our old house.

Well I am thrilled to report that I found some of them – and I am working up a post to show you just how much fun I used to have each year turning my little slab-with-a-border into a happy, junky, gardeny spot.

For now, because I’m still working on all those pictures, I thought I would share with you a couple of neat little thrifty finds from this weekend:

First up, here’s a pretty platter from Anchor Hocking – I’ve always referred to this as “Fire King,” but I’m not sure that’s correct. At any rate, I have a few dessert plates in this same color/pattern and I’ve been on the lookout for a smaller, white, goes-with-anything serving platter – something special for my meatloaf! LOL Isn’t she cute? Just $1.99 –




I then found a pair of adorable little hand-painted dessert plates. These sort of fall into the “clay project” category, because I believe them to be hand-painted by a person taking a class rather than a professional. Take a look –






You KNOW I have such a soft spot for hand-painted landscapes, and these were just too sweet to pass up. They are both signed on the back with the name Irene Linfor.  The name is both etched into the clay, and then painted with a fine-line brush.


Now here’s the thing: whenever I see something like this, I become instantly curious about the person who is named on the piece. So I “Googled” Irene Linfor. The first search result is a link on, where I have an account. So I logged in and there was an Irene Linfor, born around 1900, noted on the 1930 US Census for the town of Anita, Iowa which is about 60 miles west of me. Her children were ages 5 and 2 in 1930.  My imagination quickly concocts a story about one of these children, keeping their mother’s artwork for decades and living here in Des Moines, then upon their passing, the items being donated to the thrift store just down the street from the very person who could appreciate them almost as much as the child who kept them! Fear not, Linfor children – Irene’s pretty plates are safe with me!

Here are the closeups of the scenes Irene painted:






These precious little plates were only 99 cents each – one of them is badly cracked and crazed, and I don’t know anything about the materials used to paint them, so I am calling them “food un-safe” and will simply be displaying them with love and appreciation.

More soon,


2 thoughts on “Thrifty Spring finds

  1. Nice score on the platter and the sweet little hand-painted plates are so pretty! So glad they found a good home! I always wonder how people can let such treasures leave the family. I guess some folks just don’t like a lot of stuff! I can;t wait to see your garden photos!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  2. Hi Vicky and thanks again for reading and admiring my junk! :) I am prepping the “patio post” for tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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