Wait – what happened to Webshots?

I have long said that using Facebook as your primary way of storing photos was a bad idea, because, “What if Facebook goes away?” Well, I should have heeded my own advice. I used to have about 20 albums of things on a site called Webshots. Pictures of my old patio with the flowers and landscaping I did each year, pictures of some motorcycle rides, things like that. Now today I discover that Webshots is gone – and has been for several months – and it is too late to retrieve my hundreds of pictures. I’m pretty sure there were no treasured heirlooms lost, but still – this was the only place I could go and reminisce about the old patio, which is probably the only part of our old flooded house that I miss. I had some beautiful shots. I wish I had paid closer attention to the emails I was getting from Webshots – if I had, I would have been able to save my photos. Now they’re gone, so it’s a hard lesson learned: don’t rely on anyone or any service but yourself to be the keeper of your stuff, because it sucks to get burned!

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