Hello, Dolly!

Just in time for Easter, today I’m sharing with you a big ol’ piece of rusty junk.

Assuming you’re still reading, here’s a picture to kick things off. See it, against the tree?



What that is – is the remnants of a very old two-wheeled dolly. The kind used to cart things around a warehouse or to and from a delivery truck. I found it in the Fall of 2008, just a few weeks after we moved into our new house. It was down in the very large (and very overgrown) vegetable garden, covered with some kind of horrible invasive vine. I was actually really happy to find it – I love to use rusty junk as “art” in the garden. So, I rolled it up the hill to the perennial bed, where it has sat now for almost five years.

The wood supports are literally rotting away. It reminds me of an old hand plow.




LOVE those rusty wheels!






A lot of heft to those steel support pieces. I wonder where this handy “truck” was used? By a delivery person, a warehouse worker?




Here’s the manufacturer’s tag – “Made by Lansing Company.”





I just love the combination of decaying wood struts and these tough old wheels and supports.




Not so useful for its intended purpose anymore, but looks great as garden art!



My meanderings around the yard today also revealed big bunches of Surprise Lilies (a.k.a. “Naked Ladies”) popping up all over – and several inches high already…






And tiny yellow crocuses (crocii?), just ready to bloom:




This shot shows three neat things in the perennial bed: a cool reflection off the glass covering the camera lens on my iPhone, my favorite little bit of garden statuary perched on her usual log seat, and a volunteer redbud tree (cercis canadensis) seemingly arched over the statue and her seat.




Here’s the statue – also a favorite piece of garden art!



What’s coming up in your yard so far this Spring?

More soon,


2 thoughts on “Hello, Dolly!

  1. Janet….I love the new site! Nice job…:) Your old rusty wheels are too cool! My aunt would love those….she has lots of old rusty stuff! I have an old rusty pair of ice tongs from way back in the day. I need to hang them on my shed or something…:) What color will the lilies be when they bloom? They are going to be beautiful! Have a blessed Easter…:)


    • Thanks Vicky – so glad you had no trouble finding the new site! The Surprise Lilies are really pretty, especially when they bloom in clumps. They are a very soft pink. The greenery will come up like gangbusters for the next 6 weeks, the leaves will get long and strappy, then they’ll fall over and wither away by early June. Then in July or August, straight stalks will shoot up overnight (SURPRISE! LOL), take a few days to get about 24 inches tall, then the blooms will pop open – no foliage around them, just stalks with blooms (hence, “naked ladies”) in the hottest part of the summer when everything else is kind of zapped from the heat. They are very dramatic! Wishing you and yours a beautiful Easter as well!

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