Featured at Dollar Store Crafts!

What a nice little surprise this week to discover that my “quick, cute centerpiece” project had been featured over at the Dollar Store Crafts blog!


I had entered the project in the “30-minute Challenge” contest, and although I didn’t win it’s quite a thrill to see one of my projects “up in lights” at a blog filled with such creative projects! Wondering who won the Challenge? It’s Suzi from Suzi’s Crafts, who shared a cute, colorful night light cover!

More soon,



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4 thoughts on “Featured at Dollar Store Crafts!

  1. Janet,

    Congratulations on your recent Feature with Dollar Store Crafts!

    What a clever way to make everyone happy at a biker function. As a female rider, I’ve noticed that so often these events are all rough and tough and it’s nice to see the feminine side.


    • Marie, thank you so much for stopping by and for your nice comments! Yes I’m a rider as well (I’ve got another blog for that! LOL) and I have the same issue – everything is all “rough and tough” as you say and there’s no femininity! I had fun making these, and I think even the men liked getting a free bandana!

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