Celebrating Tabletop Tuesday!

I thought I would take you on a little tour of the top of my barrister bookcase in celebration of the 150th Tabletop Tuesday over at Marty’s wonderful blog, A Stroll Thru Life. I’ve recently been working on a re-do in this little third bedroom, affectionately known as the Mom-cave, so hopefully soon I’ll be able to share the whole thing.


The bookcase is literally a treasure-trove for me… it’s among the pieces I inherited from my grandmother, and I’ve filled it with all manner of pretty thrifty finds and vintage family pieces. I really like the layered, “collected” look when displaying these kinds of pieces – it makes me happy to know that wherever my eye lands in the display, I’ll be looking at something that’s been handed down, or acquired through a happy thrifting expedition.


At this end of the top shelf are a beautiful blue glass vase found while thrifting…


…a blown-glass pumpkin won in a Facebook comment contest…


…and a pretty peacock figure that was a gift from my husband.


Moving along you can catch a glimpse of my framed Blue Jay (it’s the To/From tag off of a larger gift bag!)…


… ivory scrolly heart…


… a little salt-clay salamander made by my daughter when she was little…


…and of course a framed photo of my beautiful girl – she’s 19 now and a freshman in college!


I have a lot of blue pieces for some reason and tried to weave them throughout the display rather than grouping them together in a clump. In the next section I’ve layered a blue bird bud vase that was painted by my mother-in-law (along with a couple strands of blue, pearl, and silver beads)…


…and a blue glass vase on which I painted a little Bible verse and some soft blue and white roses.



I’ve also recently become smitten with what I call “courting couples,” shown here on a fabulous green lamp base (it’s obviously no longer a lamp – I just love the shape and design of it!)…


…a sweet figurine…


…and a miniature teacup.


At the end of the row we are back to blue with a beautiful Depression Glass banana bowl in the Moon & Stars pattern, a gift from my mother-in-law.


Finally, on the wall above all of these pieces is a lovely landscape painting I found while thrifting. It’s in a thrifted wooden frame that I painted in the ivory accent color I’ve used throughout my re-done room.


So that’s my tabletop tour – congratulations, Marty, on 150 weeks of one of my favorite blog link parties! Here’s to many more Tabletop Tuesdays!


More soon,


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