Romantic address book re-do

I’ve been on the lookout for a larger-format address book (because I’m in complete denial about needing eyeglasses) and I recently found this lovely 80’s/New Wave version complete with totally blank inside pages just crying out for a re-do.



For the new cover I chose this pretty floral fabric that I had on-hand.



I removed the inside pages from the book, and using Fabritac I applied white felt (to create the feeling of padding under the cloth cover) to the front, back and spine.



Then I laid the book open onto the wrong side of the fabric, and using Fabritac I simply began gluing the fabric down with some care taken to create tidy corners.



I actually intend to choose another fabric for the inside covers which will cover the raw edges you see here – but, I haven’t decided what to use yet so for now it’s incomplete.




I closed the book and thought it looked great, but still needed a little detail on the cover.



I used one of these small metal label-holders used in scrapbooking, inserted a printed label proclaiming “Addresses” that I made on the computer, and added a couple of small faux crystals in the holes on either side. (The label-holder is secured to the cover with Fabritac.)



I love the finished look – romantic and entirely suitable for a cottage writing desk, don’t you think?




More soon!


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