A little Christmas nostalgia

stockingI was a little too late in posting to get this linked up to the actual link party at Vintage Thingie Thursday at Colorado Lady’s blog, but I’m happy to include a link anyway and hope you’ll head over there and check out all the beautiful vintage holiday items!

I don’t know exactly what ever happened to my mother’s Christmas stocking, but a few years ago we found this one at our local antique mall which looks exactly like it. Of course I admired it, and my hubby and daughter went back and bought it for me as a gift. I have enjoyed using it the last couple years.

I wish I knew a little more about it – whether it was originally a store-bought item, or perhaps handmade from a pattern. (My dad’s mother was very crafty, and I know she made us all stockings a couple of times over the years. Having seen so many of her other hand-made decorations – many made of felt – I can say this is a pattern she would have liked.)

Either way, this reindeer gal with her cheerful jingle bells and big eyelashes always makes me smile and think of Mom.

Hope you had a lovely Christmas weekend!

More soon!


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